For 35 years Sheetal Cool Products Limited has offered the quality products, made with integrity and hygiene infused with the confidence and happiness of the people in and abroad India. This is the story of a simple village farmer's family turning into a leading entrepreneur of Indian food industry with the production of more than 380 products at a turn over worth ₹ 2.6 billion procuring a great lot of awards. 'We are here not as owners but as the best servers of the society'. Kindly go ahead to know a cool and simple life story more.

History originates when it comes to creating our own entity through our own ideological renaissance. Jagdishbhai D. Bhuva ventured into a new sphere of life contrary to the orthodox family agricultural occupation by installing a 'Sheetal Pan & Cold Drinks kiosk, with the help and guidance of his father Mr Dakubhai Bhuva and his brothers, in 1987. 

The city gradually grew. The roads became broader. The small kiosk was trapped up in the developmental process of the municipality. There was a tremendous struggle to sustain the source of livelihood. But contrary to the expectations, on November 19' 1989, the cabin was demolished and everyone had to undergo great stress to carry on with the little business.

At the end of a few weeks and months of continuous struggle, in 1991, a new shop of 5 X 5 feet. at ₹ 2 lakh in the same name was purchased in front of Amreli Bus Stand and was carried forward with the same business. People's support while selling ice creams in a stall during Janmashtami Lok Mela (Festival) in the same year paved the way for the self-production of ice creams. Once again, the old glory of the demolished shop began to touch the new with the inspiring magical impetus. 

The enduring perseverance along with the long strenuous effort evolved into a mind-blowing development of the humble establishment into an industrial unit as Shree Sheetal Industries at GIDC, Amreli, came into existence in 1998 with 150ltrs. of milk processing capacity at an investment of 17 to 20 lakh. The commercial production of Ice cream began and the group decided to search for its own retail sellers for Sheetal brand in and about Amreli. 

Inevitable growth became the result of the restless and devoted hard work executed by the management of Shree Sheetal Industries which converted itself into Sheetal Cool Products Private Limited in 2012 with legal solidarity and with more vitality. 

Sheetal Milk & Milk Products

The taxing quest to avail pure milk in Amreli and its nearby places invigorated the principals to initiate the commercial delivery of unadulterated milk from the interior villages of Amreli and Gir to all over around with FSSAI standards in 2013. The company also proffered chosen products of a bakery in the same year which was well accepted by the people of Saurashtra.

Sheetal Frozen Foods

In 2015, the company introduced the manufacturing of frozen products, ready to cook, like Parathas, Pizza, Vadapav, Pav Bhaji etc. as a norm for saving money and time for the busy rushing humanity. 

Adventurous steps always bring unexpected happiness. Packaged ready to eat savouries like Namkeen, Fryums, Wafers and Farsan products triggered to be manufactured by Sheetal Cool Products Private Limited under Sheetal Foods in 2016. Social responsibilities undertaken by SCPL began to be known as DJBS CSR activities.

Ecosystem of SCPL began to offer opportunities for investments with stimulating growth in the food sector, favourable economic policies and attractive fiscal incentives. Sheetal Cool Products Limited was listed in BSE - SME platform to SHARE its joy with more. The company put its imprint in IPO and hailed Sheetal Cool Products Limited in October 30, 2017. In the same year, 'Vision -2030', by which the company aspired to acquire a turnover worth Rs. 1500cr.and to be among the top ten companies in the food industry of India by spreading its span on almost all the major states of India and a few popular nations across the world by the year 2030, was launched. 

The premium life bloomed to be more elegant and ceremonial with the innovative start off of the 'J'adore' brand in the Ice Cream segment adding more colours, flavours and drooling aroma to the life of high-quality oriented generation on December 28, 2019. The company made its first export of frozen foods to Switzerland in the same year. 

Sheetal Ice Cream in Jammu Kashmir

Sheetal Cool Products Limited has taken a progressive step ahead by extending its marketing and sales of Sheetal products in Jammu-Kashmir, the Northern end of India on May 9, 2021. CSR activities were in full swing when Covid 19 pandemic hit India very badly at its second phase.