Sheetal Cool Products has incorporated a wide range of sweets production to spread more joy around in the heart of people in the year 2016. The company concentrate on special varieties which are essential for the pleasant progress of the common people. There are many factors that affect the safety and hygienic quality of these products. In order to ensure quality along with safety, Sheetal has implemented latest safety measures in its production process. Sweets  are essential components  of our lives. Birthdays,Guests, festivals, celebrations , events, or dessert whatever, sweets play an important role in our daily lives. Sheetal is set to sweeten the important events of life. 

Sheetal Sweets  are  important  ready-to-eat processed foods that delight every speciality. The nutritional quality is high and sufficient . Quality, hygiene, cherishing taste, attractive odour and package make Sheetal Sweets unique among popular sweets of India. Our success is due to the commitment we make to our customers  by providing a high quality, proven product and our readiness to bring about the necessary improvement at any time. 


With global demand for sweets rising, especially among consumers in emerging economies, Sheetal Cool Products limited keeps on increasing output through technology that advances efficiency, precision and speed.The company has been exporting sweets since 2019. 


The acceptance and encouragement we are getting from our customers are really boosting our confidence. Make your celebrations a little sweeter and brighter with  the treasure of Sheetal Sweets.