Sheetal Cool Products Limited started the production of Bakery products in 2013. Sheetal bakers have chosen the most favourite products of the people and has given a Sheetal touch which makes its taste, quality and hygienic measures differ from the others of the same kind.


Baking is an interesting combination of science and art. The special order of Sheetal ingredients that relies on precise measurements in bakery products makes a big difference. Sheetal bakers consistently create new crowd-pleasing  and time-honoured varieties.

Sheetal Cool Products Limited is definitely unique, and does  concentrate on accuracy and precision while processing. Sheetal bakery products  are  important  ready-to-eat processed foods that delight refreshing moments. The nutritional quality is kept sufficient . Quality, hygiene, cherishing taste, attractive odour and package make Sheetal Sweets bakery products  popular. Our success is due to the commitment we make to our customers  by providing a high quality, proven product and our readiness to bring about the necessary improvement at any time.


Bread, Pav, Bun, various flavours of Cookies, Kharis, Rusks, etc are the specifications of Sheetal. The outstanding blend of ingredients and the expertise of Sheetal bakers sets Sheetal bakery products prominent among many others of its kind. Its aroma, flavours, crunchiness, freshness, taste and deliciousness creates a better craving in the customers. The support and appreciation of the customers for Sheetal bakery products are rapidly growing.