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Sheetal Cool Products Limited introduced the manufacturing of frozen products in 2015. By freezing food gets preserved from the time it is prepared to the time it is eaten.Freezing food slows downdecomposition by turning residual moisture into ice, inhibiting the growth of most bacterial species. This factor has been the motivational force for the innovative idea to save time and money for the bussy scheduled job . Scrutiny of the chefs has been one of the challenging criteria for the installation of the manufacturing of various frozen food items. The directors have been competitive enough to complete this task successfully. 


The Paratha, Chapati, Curry , Pizza , Tikkis, Veg. Pulav , Veg. Biryani , Thepla,  Poha Bateta, Sabudana Khichdi,  French Fries and Bombay  Bhel etc are the frozen food products with delicious flavour,  taste , quality, hygiene and reasonable cost . The administrative block skillfully manages the processing with accurate precision and accuracy. The company gives attention on special varieties which are essential for the pleasant progress of the common people. 


Sheetal Cool Products Limited preserves  food-quality  indices, namely, colour, flavour, nutrient value and texture. Sheetal adopts such methods of freezing that improve product quality and safety. The company takes care of quality deterioration and potential hazards . It applies suitable arrangements during storage. The support and appreciation of the customers for Sheetal bakery products are rapidly growing. 

The company manufactures the products to its perfection for quality, hygiene and deliciousness by adopting the latest technology. Sheetal shares its joy with everyone as it grows rapidly in an amazing speed.