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Artfully crafted pure & premium indulgences

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We believe that 'the choicest ingredients make the finest ice creams.’ J'adore Ice Creams is a brand by Sheetal, birthed by the thought of creating premium global ice creams for Indian customers. We use 100% pure milk and the finest ingredients that give our ice creams a luscious texture and delightful flavours. Our menu features 70+ varieties designed for every ice cream lover, from classic chocolate and vanilla to fresh fruits.

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J’adore Ice Creams vs. the Frozen Desserts they call ‘Ice Cream’

J’adore Ice CreamsFrozen Desserts
Made using 100% pure milkMade using cheaper vegetable oils/ fats
Rich creamy flavourLook like ice creams but lack the creamy flavour
Churned Mixed with preservatives & frozen
Rich in protein, calcium, dairy cream and vitaminsNear to no nutritional values