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The late Shri Jagdishbhai D. Bhuva's indomitable spirit laid the foundation for Sheetal Cool Products Limited's success story. He started the company as a small paan counter, and it has since grown to become a publicly-listed food manufacturing company with aspirations to generate Rs 1500 crore in turnover by 2030. His unwavering dedication and tireless commitment have resulted in a radiant legacy.

This remarkable legacy has been steadfastly upheld by three visionary brothers, namely Dineshbhai Bhuva, Bhupatbhai Bhuva, and Sanjaybhai Bhuva. Today, they proudly pass on this torch of excellence to their sons, Hardik Bhuva and Keval Bhuva, ensuring that the flame of inspiration continues to burn bright.

He is a formidable pillar within the company. His visionary philosophy and proactive approach to planning propel the group and its products with a crucial element of innovation. He plays a pivotal role in handling sales, finance, and operations of the company.

Mr. Bhupat Bhuva

Managing Director

Apart from handling manufacturing and supply chain, he is known for motivating and uplifting everyone around him, compelling them to deliver their utmost effort. His unwavering dedication and grit always make everyone strive for greater heights.

Mr. Sanjay Bhuva

Whole-Time Director

A devoted and passionate leader, he drives precision and excellence. His transformative leadership instills renewed purpose and ongoing success. He is responsible for overseeing the entire group's manufacturing operations.

Mr. Hardik Bhuva

Head of Manufacturing

He brings a forward-thinking mindset and strategic planning skills to the organization. His innovative insights and initiatives drive global expansion.

Mr. Keval Bhuva

Head of Marketing & Sales