Spirituality Amalgamated With Generosity in Business

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Almost every sect has their own accounts of miracles : divine events that seem to transcend the natural law. It’s rare to find business and spirituality in the same place, but you’ll find it here in Sheetal Cool Products Limited. SCPL was graciously blessed with the venerated presence of Shree Dwarakesh Lalji Maharaj from Pushtimargiy Shri Dwakadhish Haveli, on June 3, 2021. His Excellency visited the corporate office and the sight of Live Oxygen Plant, donated and maintained by the company, at Civil Hospital, Amreli.

"I'm really taken up by the company's move on establishing Live Oxygen Plant at Civil Hospital, Amreli. This is not an act of mere kindness but a participation in God's great deed of giving life, for oxygen is the 'Pran vayu', the breath of life. Amreli is lucky to have such a company that solves the need of the society through their social welfare activities," said the holy man.

"The footprints of Shree Dwarakesh Lalji Maharaj in our company has been a spiritual and inspiring impetus for everyone of us. We are extremely privileged and blessed to have his auspicious presence over here. We can all be kind. We can all be generous. You can share even if you have a little. What we need to have is the willingness to do that," said Mr. Bhupatbhai D. Bhuva, the MD of Sheetal Cool Products Limited.

We consider it as our special privilege to be with the eminent personality who appreciated various social and industrial activities done by SCPL. Motivated by their touch, we would too love to continue the salvific work of God and spread peace and happiness wherever we go.

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