Ice cream has become a passion for people all over the world. Sheetal Cool Products Limited had its first break through in 1987 with the innovative vision of Mr. Jagadish Bhai D. Bhuva. The company of four brothers then ventured into popular and multiple flavours conquering the hearts and leisure of all classes of people. In 2019, it got into the sphere of premium ice cream world with a new brand 'J'adore'. But the company was restless until it was back for another enriching experience in the world of pure milk cream 'The Rich Cream' in 2020. 'We’ve expanded our menu upto 15 iconic ice cream flavours in this 'Rich Cream' ice cream brand and we’re including cool and smiley parlours offering up an experience of the best ice creams around the world.


Rich Cream Ice Cream is rich with the content of butterfat adding to the creamy, luscious texture and the full-bodied taste. Our talented team  puts their utmost care and effort to reach this delicious and refreshing joy-maker at your finger tips in a very hygienic and safe manner with perfect quality. Our Machinery belongs to the most recent stage in the development  incorporating the newest technology, ideas, and features. The enduring perseverance along with the long strenuous effort created mind blowing successful stories one after another in the voyage of Sheetal. The drooling deliciousness filled in cones cups and candies fills the hearts of every consumer with satisfaction and love for our Rich Cream Ice Cream. This satisfaction and love are our inspiration, strength and conviction to go forward. Sheetal Rich Cream World wishes you to adorn your precious moments with evergreen memories.