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Sheetal Distributorship Program

Sheetal Cool Products Limited

— Sheetal

Distributorship Program

Sheetal is a trusted brand that has been providing safe, pure, and healthy products to consumers for over 32 years. We are the most trusted FMCG brand in India, with a strong presence in 6+ more cities and 10+ more countries. We have a strong distribution network of 450+ distributors, 35,000+ retail outlets, and 100+ franchise stores. We are committed to providing our consumers with the best products, and we will continue to do so for decades to come.

Doing Business with Sheetal means

  • Promising profit potential
  • Cutting-edge product innovations
  • Industry-leading Return on Investment
  • Consistent year-on-year growth

Apply for Sheetal Distributorship

or Call for Consultation
+91 73000 51000

    How Sheetal Supports their Distributors

    Robust Distribution Strategy

    • We maintain consistent dispatches according to distributor requirements, minimizing sales losses.
    • To ensure improved delivery, we expand our distribution hub network.

    Training & Development Initiatives

    • We conduct Training & Development programs aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the sales force.

    Technology Infrastructure

    • We establish essential IT infrastructure that can adapt to evolving needs over time.

    Performance Monitoring & Feedback

    • We implement rigorous performance measurement systems across all levels to improve sales effectiveness.
    • Our focus on incentivization and pay for performance aims to motivate the sales force.
    • We equip the sales force with new tools to enhance their effectiveness.

    Sales Team Support

    • Our efficient Sales Team consistently services partners to ensure their needs are met.