The NAMKEEN SEGMENT  was initiated  in Sheetal Cool Products Limited in 2016.  A wide range of varieties with delicious taste , quality, hygiene and reasonable cost are the remarkable trademarks of Sheetal Namkeen.  


Three categories are included in this namely Namkeen, Fryums and Wafers. Bhavnagari Gathiya is a special variety of Sheetal Namkeen. Tikha Mitha Mix, Khatta Mitha Mix etc. are the drooling sensations which stimulate the taste buds of everyone. The premium snacks like Bhakharwadi, Drynut Kachori, Fafda Gathiya etc. fills the heart of the people with not only refreshment but also sustaining satisfaction. Tea Time snacks of Sheetal like Dry Samosa, Sev, etc. create sumptuous midday celebrations.Our typical namkeen snacks in Indian cuisine include farsan, chivda, sev, chips and bhujiya. We have also incorporated a few other Indian snacks that  salt and have a namkeen flavor, some of which are made from basic grains and can be flavoured in a multitude of ways.  Many of our namkeen snacks are versatile crunchy snacks that is flavoured with  spices.

The administrative bench skillfully managed the progressive years of the company with accurate precision that successfully overcame even the most unbearable adversities. The company gradually spread its wings on special varieties which are essential for the pleasant progress of the common people. Initially, Sheetal Namkeen and Snacks were sold in the  local market of Amreli. Gradually it became popular through out Gujarat , a few states nearby Gujarat and then to the countries abroad. It manufactures the products to its perfection for quality, hygiene and deliciousness by adopting the latest technology. Sheetal shares its joy with everyone as it grows rapidly in an amazing speed.