A Pinch Of Namkeen
Abundance Of Flavours

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is a 5000+ Sq. Meters area with more than 1000 employees working in synergy to deliver high quality food products

Namkeen or Snacks is a product that is cherished by everyone on various occasions and instances. The need of the hour was to incept a brand that not only manufactures a variety of Snacks but creates an everlasting impression in the hearts of the consumer through its flavours. Sheetal Foods is a brand that is synonymous with quality, trust and variety. With a state of the art technology that is spread across 5000+ Sq. Meters area and with more than 1000 employees working together to ensure that the brand delivers high quality food products in the most hygienic fashion at an attractive price point.

Products available
in market
Wide range of pure
milk based products
Utmost importance
to hygiene

The product range of Sheetal Foods is a wide spread shelf offering multiple options
and varieties to customers catering to all types of occasions and celebrations.