Sheetal Ice Creams are made up of Milk + Dairy fats + Lots of love. Other frozen desserts are made up of Water + Milk solids + Vegetable oil.To maintain the real taste of ice cream, Company does not produce only its main product ice cream but also its components like cones for cone ice creams, chocolate syrup etc.


The crave for yummy taste of ice cream is satisfied by hygienic and matchless 250+ SKUs and assures 100% return for consumers spendings.


Company’s manufacturing capacity unimaginable. It can manufacture more than 17 lacs candies, 7 lacs cones and more than 11 lacs cups per day.


A wide range of varieties with delicious flavours, taste, quality, hygiene and reasonable cost are the remarkable trademarks of Sheetal Ice Cream.

Initially Ice cream was made only for the local areas at Amreli. Gradually it became popular through out Gujarat, nearby states of Gujarat and then to the countries abroad.


More than 250+ varieties of ice cream are available under this brand in the categories of Cups, Premium Cups, Ripple Special, Sugar Free, Jamel Lassi, Kid’s Special, Candies, Kulfi, Cones, Novelties, Classic Series, Natural Ice Cream, Sandwiches, Cakes, Tubs, Party Pack and Catering Pack.


We use state of the art technology and modern machinery to transport, prepare, package and distribute your favourite ice creams. Your support and faith in us propels us to reach further heights each day.