Since 1992, Sheetal Cool Products Limited began to collect milk from various villages near by for the production of Ice Cream, Jamel Lassi and Flavoured Milk. Gradually the company began to store milk for availing the product for the people around. The commercial production of milk and milk products began in 2013. Milk is the primary source of rich nutrition for everyone irrespective of age. India ,an agrarian country, is a land where the availability and use of milk  and milk products like butter, buttermilk, curd, paneer etc. is very prominent. Sheetal Cool Products Ltd has given special attention to the storage of milk and its by products. 

Sheetal Milk is the best source of milk for health conscious people as it is a non fat product.  It is filled with maximum  milk  nutrients. Sheetal Milk is manufactured with an intension to provide low cost but quality sustained milk that there will be a wide range of people to make use of this. The speciality of Sheetal Milk is that the company takes care of its quality and hygienic aspects. Sheetal arranges milk as per the requirements of the people.Your day remains  fresh and cheerful with each sip of Sheetal tea or milk or flavoured milk . It is versatile and enriching. This pasteurized toned milk is processed with utmost care for quality and hygiene. 

Sheetal Curd, Sheetal Buttermilk(Chhash),  Sheetal Butter,  Sheetal Paneer, Sheetal Flavoured Milk etc. are the milk products that enthusiast and energise people at different mood of the day. The safety and wholesomeness are our utmost concern to  the customers. As with any product, safety, quality, and consistency  is confirmed in all processes it undergoes between the farm and table. We are extremely happy to see how well  people have accepted our products. 

Sheetal grows with the people around. Joy has no boundaries when Sheetal is around. Your growth is our concern.